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Dog events

 13.04.2010 The first forest trek in this Spring and dogs on the Run

We drove several kilometers along the forest road and I let the dogs free. They immediately ran aut of sight. I had to find them several kilometers along the road. I found dogs on the lake shore where they sniffed new odors. It was a great risk that the dogs would have been able to go on thin ice and to drown. Fortunately I got one of them closed and the situation was over. If I let them go to free  they do not obey the commandments. Running and everything else is more interesting than the commandments. In the same area were seen a wolf a few weeks earlier. In this region moves lynx every day and sometimes the bear. Elks are in the area every day.


Jealous dogs in the Lapland trip

This feature leads to brawl between the dogs.  During the Lapland trip this lead to brawl two times between dogs. First time they brawl when we go to sleep and Rosa want to sleep on the floor beside our bed. Baranek  want  to come to sleep on the same place. They make terrible noise and rattled teeth. I must separated the fighting dogs from each other.  Second time when they brawl was between in Ailigas trip and hiking break in midway. Rosa want to come to rest beside us. Baranek became the Rosa and our middle and it lead to terrible brawl and teeth rattle. Fortunately they separated one another  by itself. No greater damage, only small scratches.


Rushing down the hill

In Lapland trip when we return from mountain hiking to highway I took the dogs to leash strap shortly before our arrival the road. We were a ten meters above the road on a steep hill. At same time along road came woman on bicycle and a dog in free. Our dogs find them and I could not do anything when our dogs rushed down the precipice I`m seated behind them. Then I fell forward and the dogs dragged me behind. Going stopped until Iwas stuck to the bushes and stones.  All happened so fast that I did not have time to do anything. One hundred and twenty kilos of dogs against eighty-five kilos a man and steep decline was a bad combination. I did not want to let our dogs free.