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Breed Information 


Polski Owczarek Podhalanski

WEIGHT: males 50-60 kg, bitches 45-55kg
HEIGHT:  males 65-70cm, bitches 60-65 cm
COAT: Long, thick, hard, straight or wavy
COLOR: White
OTHER NAMES: Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog, Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, Owczarek Tatrzanski, Polish Mountain Dog
GROUP: Flock Guard, FCI 1


The Owczarek Podhalanski, also known as the Polish Tatra Mountain dog, is originally from Poland and was specifically used for guarding sheep and helping shepherds. The Podhalanski breed was created in Poland to protect sheep from wolves and bears. They are descendants of the Tibetan sheep dog. The Podhale, where this breed originated, is a small region in southern Poland, against the Tatra range, which are the highest peaks in the Carpathians. Podhale region is souht of Nowy Targ and round of Zakopane. See map below.

This native Polish breed is an outstanding mountain worker. The tail is used as a handhold while following the dog through rough and steep terrain. Beside the traditional use as a livestock guardian, the Polish people often use these dogs for personal protection and as guard dogs. Much like the people who breed them, the Podhalanskis are independent, self-sufficient and courageous. They are coveted for their attributes: heartiness, adaptability and bravery. Their personalities are more easygoing than most of the flock guardians, with irritability or cowardice  being a fault. 
Owners agree that  the breed is easy to care for in both grooming and feeding. The coat is self-cleansing and never requires bathing. These dogs develop their own routines, and quickly attach things themselves.

Podhalanska are intelligent and posses good insight into things. Is not in favor of the owner to start a power struggle with podhalanski, but must be able to lead a dog right the way. The dog has to know who is the master, but in the right way.

Breed ill-suited to be held on town house or apartment house.This breed is not suitable for a first dog for beginners. This dog owner can not be frail and light-weight because breed is strong and powerful.

Podhalaski is happy to have her own guard`s reach.


Podhale region