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Our big white coats, Rosa, Baranek and Mazur

Polski Owczarek Podhalanski Rosa

Polish Tatra shepherd dog, The Finnish Champion, FI-MVA Rosa Visenna was born in Visenna kennel, Prudnik, Poland 25.06.2009. Rosa is the original mountain dog related, and it can be detected in the Polish registry entry, KW 312. Rosa has moved to live in Finland 19.10.2009 with her brother Runo. Rosa is a lively, always happy and a little bit hot character and temperamental pleasant dog and the other hand Rosa is also fearless and a very bold and tough character bitch. Rosa is more suspicious towards strangers than Baranek. Rosa doing well with other dogs.


Polski Owczarek Podhalanski Baranek

Polish Tatra shepherd dog,The Finnish Champion, FI-MVA Atrybut Zagubione Marzenia, nickname Baranek was born in Zagubione Marzenia kennel, Reszel, Poland 13.01.2009. Baranek is one puppy of litter which had 15 puppies. Baranek has moved to live in Finland 07.04.2009. Baranek is big boy and his height is 80 cm (31,5") and his weight is 58 kg (128lb). Baranek is a big and sturdy dog. Baraneks character is a quiet, a little bit hard-headed, but sensitive and reliable. Baranek is suspicious towards strangers. Baranek doing well with other dogs.


Polski Owczarek Podhalanski Mazur

Polish Tatra Shepherd dog, The Finnish Champion, FI-MVA Mazur, one of my best friends in memoriam 26.02.2012 - 12.08.2019. 


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Video clips:

 Dog wrestling

 Out of the cage

 Sleeping dog, Rosa

 Snow wrestling



Wallpaper: Teno River valley, Nuvvus and Talvadas split

Top bar: View of Nuvvosskaidi


Updated 27.08.2019, Mazur in memoriam.